Wednesday, September 13, 2006


In an effort to try and use my blog more and get better and faster at drawing. I'm gonna try and do regular sketches to put up here. I use a sketch book quite a bit and enjoy cos it's sort of non pressure drawing. The problem is I never really seem to get anything in them to any great level of finish and a lot of the stuff in there are just initial ideas for covers and page layouts which probably only make sense to me.

Anyway, here's the first sketch it's a character that a friend and I came up with years ago but recently started talking about maybe doing something with. I sketched it out pretty quickly in blue pencil then inking it roughly with brushpens.

Looking at it now up on screen it looks pretty ropey hopefully they'll get better as I do more.


pj said...

Yay! More posting! - also, that's a damn fine sketch - no need to apologise (although her right leg looks a little porky)

Lookit the crap I post on my blog and I never apologise!

- pj

David Bishop said...

Looks good to me, Dylan - but hey, what do I know?