Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Phew that wasn't too difficult. Anyway there are a few links there to be going on with. The Sean Phillips one is especially good check out how fast he works and how good the stuff looks. PJ's blog is also worth a look, I've been checking it out for years now and it's a really good insight to the way he works.


Mark said...

Nice cover. And thanks for making with the linky, too!

Antonio said...

Hi Dylan, excellent work.
I would like to ask you if you want to be interviewed by email for an Italian webmagazine.
If you feel like, please get back to me at

Thank you


D.TAYLOR said...

Gday Dylan! Great blog sir and some really cool work. Love the Hex peek...looking forward to that one.
Oh...and cheers for your comment on my blog and the link...mucho appreciated.
Also...Antonio is a really good guy and I say go for it(the interview i mean!).

Dylan said...

Cheers Dave, yeah did the interview for Antonio it was fun. Maybe I'll get to do a cover for one of your Anderson episodes would be fun.