Thursday, September 14, 2006


Here's another one then did it last night after I finished some inking. Don't quite know what's going on with his stomach and the cape but I quite like how the wall came out just done with a big fat marker that was running out and then some tippex on top. Done a little bit of photoshop on top of it too.

One of my fave characters to draw Batman, I did actually draw a strip about 9 years ago for a Batman 80 page giant, just my luck though Batman wasn't actually in it just a little cardboard silhouette of him. It was fun drawing ventriloquist though.


pj said...

That's really nice, I'd love to see an entire strip drawn by you in that sloppy way, get the mighty one to give you a Black Museum and draw it in that style, go on, I dare ya'

- pj

Dylan said...

Ta PJ, Don't think I've got the guts to use the style for anything for print yet it's still a bit of a hit and miss affair and I need the safety net of tight pencils.