Monday, April 30, 2007

Uh Oh

I really hope he doesn't mess about with it too much. Blade Runner is probably my favourite film. I first saw it when I was quite young and it just sort of stuck in my head, I've seen it countless times since. I love pretty much everything about the film the tone, the pacing, the music and especially the design. I read an interview with Scott a while ago about how he wants to cut bits out to speed it up a bit! I hope he doesn't stick in the hospital scene either, there's really no need for this scene as it just repeats info already given and the acting looks a bit dodgy by the guy playing Holden.

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Mark said...

I think he's just re-shooting some effects and scenic stuff. He's got Harrison Ford's son in as his old man's body double apparently, and he's reshot the scene where yer woman with the snake gets shot, to remove some visible effects stuff, wires and squibs, etc. I'm not too worried.