Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Character Sketches

Here's some character sketches I did a while back. They were done as part of a pitch with two Italian writers for a possible European album. It would have been fun. The story would have followed a group of gangsters from their beginnings in the seventies to the present day. It didn't get picked up though. I'd love to do a European album at sometime though it's my favourite format for comics. Something sci-fi would be cool.


D.TAYLOR said...

Great stuff! You really should do a Euro book. Your work is perfect for that market. Maybe a trip to a French or Italian con would be a good thing?!

Dylan said...

Cheers dave, yeah I'd love to go at some point just scared how much i'll spend on comics out there though lol.

Lee said...

Excellent work Dylan! what did you use for these sketches brush pens, markers?