Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bristol, prints for sale!

Thought I'd do some A3 prints of some of my favourite sketchbook pages for Bristol con this year. I'll also be sketching both days. See you there!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy all of the pictures here. I feel like I've seen your work in a comic book before but that is probably just the style.

The robot reminds me of atomic robo comics, if you know them.

You do such wonderfully detailed work I am jealous.

dylan said...

Thanks! Not heard of Atomic Robo Comics, sounds cool though.

Wiggz said...

Hopefully see you Saturday Dylan!

All the best,


jamie said...

great to see you at bristol,dylan.
i'd have picked up a print if i'd known you were selling them.
next time!

Mangamax said...

Hey Dylan, do you have any of those prints left?