Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Cover, step by step....

The brief asked for Smantha Slade to be hanging from the edge of a tall building a bit like the shot from Blade Runner.

I knew it would be tough to get the pose right from this angle, so I used Poser. Poser is a simple 3d computer app that allows you to manipulate a figure into different poses you can then light it and set the camera up for the angle you want.

Having done this, I tweaked it a little in PS flipped it and printed it out light blue.

I then worked on it in pencil and scanned the pic back in to PS. I comped it into a still I'd found just for ref and a perspective guide. I sent this off to Matt for approval. Matt said the angle was right but wanted her to be hanging off part of the scales of justice from the Old Bailey, and to make the scarf more prominent. In the strip she'll be wearing a "sentient scarf".

I printed this all out artsize and inked in the figure and the part of the scale. I started getting a bit stuck on the background at this point as the imag was quite big it was quite difficult to not get bogged down in the detail of the bg buildings. I thought it might be easier to go for a looser approach. I scanned in the figure and scale, shrunk them to print size and printed them out light blue with some rough perspective lines. I then went straight in with inks and drew a load of buildings. With a white pentel correction pen and some toothbrush splatter I added a bit more detail and texture to it.

I Scanned this in and combined it with the previous inks and coloured it up.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Cover

Superb Hulk pose by John on this one., Inks and colours by me again.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

page 1

Here's the rough for page one of the strip. I've tried doing the rough at artsize on this one to speed up the process, I'm hoping anyway.