Monday, March 07, 2011

More Sketchbook stuff.

Haven't posted much for a while so here are a few pages and a couple of life drawings.


Edward said...

Delicious drawings Dylan! =) My favourite is the girl with the white hair.. gorgeous.. =) Keep up the inspiring works.. =)

Jack Couvela said...

Great to see you sketching in pen for a change. Some lovely stuff there mate.

Wiggz said...

Hey Dylan,
really nice sketchwork as usual.
Love the Elephantmen sketches - very nice.

You really should collect some of this material into an A4 portfolio sketchbook or magazine for conventions.

All the best,


Mark Montague said...

Hi Dylan. Great work here. Do you mind popping over to my blog and giving me a few pointers on what I can do to improve my chances of making a living out of my art.

I do various styles, hoping to get work, but so far I just don't seem to be able to get anywhere.

Ignore all that crap in my profile. I made it up, in order to garner some interest in my work and hence led to some job offers. Thanks.

Dylan said...

Thanks everyone!