Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Meat page 9 process

Another page from Meat almost done every one now.

I think I did the rough for this straight in Manga Studio, can't find any little thumbnails in my sketchbooks anyway. Just went in and sketched away then put on panel borders and perspective grids to match what I'd sketched.

The first panel was pretty straight forward so I just loosely did some blue pencilling and inked straight on top of it same went for pans 4 and 5. Panels 3 and 6 needed a bit more work so I pencilled them pretty tightly and inked using the blueline method mentioned in earlier posts. Panel 2 was a re-use from an earlier page. I decided to render that whole page greyscale it was supposed to make the whole colouring process go smoother, it didn't, I'll go into that a bit more when I do a step by step on that page.

Next up are the inks pretty self explanatory on this one, though I did decide to make panel one a full bleed panel also I inked some building silhouettes with the hatching brush in Manga Studio.

Colouring, same as usual though I did recolour the re-used panel, keeping it all red made colourising the greyscale simpler and I think it looks more effective than the original panel. I used a technique of adding some extra shadow to the last panel by colouring the whole panel normally but then on a new layer set to multiply I added a dark green and then lowered the opacity.

Oh yeah, the guy kneeling down touching the blood wasn't in the script, I imagined him as some sort of psi judge who could touch the leftover bits from an accident and kind of tap into what happened, forgot to put any psi logo on him though so he probably looks a bit weird.


Edward L. Davies said...

Hey man, thank you for sharing your process! =)

Brian Churilla said...

Jesus. I quit.

af said...

Fantastic work. I went through your blog: your samples are so far what I've found closer to my ideal syle for sci-fi comics.

Steve Epting said...