Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cover Colouring

First up are the colours to the John Romita Jr piece. This was quite a fun one to colour, I've always liked his stuff especially on a Daredevil year one book a few years ago. It was done in pencil with the bulk of the shading already worked out. I turned them into a multiply layer and coloured underneath added some textures and shadows to the bg. I like the way the lettering has been done to fit in with the style of the pic. I'll stick up the Cliff Robinson ones in a bit.


Anonymous said...

Nice cover!

Staz Johnson said...

Thing is, I love JR Jr's work.. but is it me, or is it just that American artists for whatever reason (& it's not from lack of talent obviously)just can't 'get' Dredd. I'm sure someone could point out an exception to the rule.

That said, obviously JR isn't overly familiar with the character, so maybe you have to wonder what he was supplied with in term of reference material. Some early Gibson material maybe?

Still, terrific colouring Dylan!

Emperor said...

There are some exceptions being collected together here (along with some that back up your theory - I'll leave you to decide which are which ;) ).

Anonymous said...

They draw him the same way they'd draw a muscular Superhero, that's the problem.