Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Page Step by Step

Here's another one, still a few left. A bit spoilery this one but there's been a couple of Megs since so hopefully it's ok.
This done much in the same way as the other pages but on this there's quite a bit of digital inking done in Manga Studio. I tried something a little different and pencilled the page at print size. I took it into MS and inked it tightening up as I went along. In some ways it was good as I could leave a lot of things looser than I normally would and I could also sort out the perspective in MS. There's still something a bit odd about digital inking though. I think because you have to work a bit more zoomed in so that the accuracy of the tablet/cintiq works better you kind of lose that sense of how much detail is needed. When working on paper you kind of build up a sense of what will and won't work for reproduction. I was quite pleased with how it came out in print though as I think it was quite hard to tell the digi from analogue inks. Maybe with a bit more practice it will seem more natural, I hope so as there are a ton of advantages to going all digital. Oh yeah digi panels are pans 1,2,5 and 6.


Jim Campbell said...

That whole zoomed in/over-inking thing is deadly, Dylan! Dave Gibbons suggests in his MS video thingy that you have two windows open for the same page -- one at actual size on your normal monitor and do all the zooming in on the Cintiq. That way you can keep looking up at the actual size page to check whether any of the stuff you're doing is actually visible!



Matt Hollingsworth said...

Fuck you're awesome!

Dylan said...

Thanks Matt!!

Jim, it's not just that it's something to do with inking small things with small hand movements kind of gives a different character to the line that digital still can't replicate it doesn't interpret those little flicks too well kind of blands stuff out a bit.

Lee Townsend said...

Really nice work Dylan and great to see the stages from concept to finish coloured page, I think this page is one of the best I have seen, it has a certain looseness to it with the pencils and the inks which brings the whole page alive, and the colouring has a great atmosphere about it to, great stuff!

Jim Campbell said...

"it doesn't interpret those little flicks too well kind of blands stuff out a bit."

That it does, Mr Teague. There's a certain scratchy quality to a sharp change of direction with a dip pen that I can't simulate for the life of me, too.



Craig Phillips said...

Really great page! Reads like a movie. It makes me want to go and read some good Judge Dredd now. Thanks for the breakdown too its always interesting to see.
Great work!

Dylan said...

Thanks Lee and Craig!
Some amazing stuff on your sites Craig love your colour choices.

Pete Venters said...

I really love the solidity in your figures. Makes me yearn for doing more linework.

Thomas said...

Awesome work, love the linework!