Monday, March 29, 2010

Sketching + an interview

Here's some more sketching and a link to an interview I did recently here with Lex Castanheira.


Staz Johnson said...

Nice sketches as usual Dylan.. good interview too, it's nice to see that you're continuing your work on European books.

Rich said...

Hi Dylan,
How do you find the time and discipline to do all of this stuff? Great work, mate. I love to look at your drawings. Your dedication to your craft is inspirational. Hope you are well.

Rich Elson

Dylan said...

Thanks Staz!

Thanks Rich! To be honest it doesn't take much discipline to do the sketch book stuff I enjoy more than the finished work.

Coco Becerra said...

I really like your work, Dylan, the finished ones and the sketches. I find in your step by step finished pages a guide to construction of the spaces, that "webbing" pencil on perspectives, wow - the hardest way, I think, but truly solid- really let the things clear about it. I suspect that you like more the sketches because they are "not compromised work" it is private, Well I like both, but i'm sure someday they crash, sketches with his freedom and finished solid work, breaking the gap in between... Will be a great moment!

(I'm embarrased about my english, but I hope you understand what I mean)

citizene said...

Thank you very much for the Interview Dylan. I wish you the best for your next project.

I will stay tuned.

Dylan said...

Thanks Lex, it was a fun interview to do.

Thanks Coco, your English seems pretty good to me. You've also got exactly what I'm aiming to do to some how get more of the energy of my sketches into my finished work.