Thursday, February 11, 2010


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Graeme Neil Reid said...

Dang! They look mighty fine, colouring is great.

Neil Roberts said...

Absolutely beautiful! But you knew that already ;)

Look forward to seeing them in print.


Mike Collins said...

Nah, he's just cranking it out like the old hack he is... :-)

Amazing stuff-- love the layering and textures.

Roberto Zaghi said...

wonderful panels Dylan! Love the colors.

lee carter said...

Hi Dylan,
firstly a big thanks for taking the time to comment on my Dredd pics, :)
I have been to your blog quite a few times and marvelled at your sketch books, but this stuff has really blew my mind...great line work and design, but the colouring really works very well...really looking forward to seeing it in the meg...
will say hello, if your at Bristol
cheers lee

Mats Brate said...

I love the way you create the stained and dirty surfaces. And of course your colors are beatiful.