Friday, October 16, 2009

Step by Step

Here's a step by step for one of the pages in Diamond.
At the top is the initial rough for the page. This is what I'd send in for approval to the editor and writer of the book. They wanted a few changes to this one as it wasn't looking enough like a French album page. The first change asked for was to pull back a bit in panel one so that you could see full figures of both of the characters and also more of the surrounding room. The biggest change needed was for the last 2 panels. They wanted to see much more through the window and to really get across the feel of the surrounding village. At first I misunderstood this a little and sent my second rough showing a lot more of the bedroom, d'oh. The next stage is my pencils which have a sketchup model for the bus put on, I've started using stuff like this quite a bit.

Anyway this ended up being one of my favourite pages from the book and I'm glad I was pushed to change it quite a bit.
All images copyright Bec/Teague/Araldi/Delcourt


itsthatlady said...

I like the way you show your drawing process- and the end images are really cool. I've put a link to this story on my blog (space in text), I hope that is OK.

Steve Epting said...

Looks great Dylan. Thanks for showing the step by step too. It's always interesting to see.

BROCASSO said...

This is a beautiful page.

I love the acting and the depth of field is amazing in all of these panels.

Thanks for the inside look.

Peter Richardson said...

Really exquisite page Dylan and so good to see the work evolve too.

Our mutual friend David Roach was the guy that introduced me to your work a year or so ago.

Still find what you're doing totally breathtaking.

Roberto Zaghi said...

Hi Dylan, thanks for showing a sample of your process. Every stage look very defined and superprofessional, but I'm amazed especially by your pencil work: I could never be that realistic! Love the details on the jacket and clothes in general, the shadows on the hand in the large bottom panel and so on...Congrats, great page indeed.