Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trilogy Meter

Cool thing from Andrew Glazebrook's Be Still my Blog of War site, where he's put up a blank one too.
also on JimSmash blog another cool one btw

Was a bit of fun anyway. Thing that annoys me about the Matrix sequels was that there was probably a semi decent and action packed 2hr film hidden in the 4hrs+ of the two films. 


Mangamax said...

Enjoyed filling my one in. And what's interesting is that, with some variation in degree, most folks views so far have been pretty much the same.

Ninjasaurus Rex said...

Not sure how much I agree with this, apart from the Batman and Matrix films, but it's set to start an interesting conversation with my chums next time we meet at the pub.

Shouldn't it be 'Trilogyometer'? Just being an anglophile...