Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Win a Sketch!

Over at http://bsmbow.blogspot.com/ Andrew Glazebrook is running a caption competition, and the prize on this one is a sketch by me!
Be Still my Blog of War is one of my favourite blogs and I check for updates on there most days. Andrew puts up posts mainly about Sci fi films, main stream and obscure. They can be reviews, news or features on things like model work or matte painting, always informative stuff. 
Andrew also does a lot of 3d computer modelling himselfhttp://glazy.blogspot.com/, something I'd like to learn at somepoint though I'm still struggling with sketchup.

Anyway here's the sketch that's up for grabs


Kevin Levell said...

That's a very nice sketch... really really like the placement of the flesh-tone and how that highlights your character and draws the attention - luvverly!

alan said...

Nice job. Agree about the flesh tones, and the cute expression. Really nicely drawn gun-hand too

Dylan said...

Thanks! The hand took a few goes to get right lol.