Monday, March 05, 2007

New Strip

Just got my copy of the latest Meg with my new strip in. Bit gutted tho as the printing has come out a bit odd, there's a funny fuzz arround the linework like it's been resized too much and a moire pattern on the tone. Probably my fault for sending in the files fulsize 600dpi. I did the tone on computer too so thought that would be alright.
It's annoying cos it took me ages and now feels like a bit of a waste of time...... ah well c'est la vie I guess.


David Bishop said...

I loved the art and didn't notice the Moire pattern until you pointed it out. Don't forget, you and the editor are the only ones who know what it looked like originally. Us plebs just judge on the final, printed version:

My verdict: aces!

Dylan said...

Cheers David,

Just a bit pissed off at myself really for not taking the time and sending it in at the right size, I will next time.

Graeme Neil Reid said...

I bought the Meg the other day and although I do see the pattern in the tone it doesn't spoil the artwork. I'm with David I think it looks great and adds to the quality of generally a good edition of the Meg!

eric said...

Yup, lovely art. Story is a bit duff - but lovely art