Wednesday, November 29, 2006


just found this:

What's the point of pretending something was drawn by me, lol! I phoned the guy and told him they weren't by me anyway.


pj said...

Bah - no-one wants to pretend to be me.

- pj

Mark said...

I notice they've had the decency to take them down.

And I've pretended to be you, Paul. After being caught drink driving by the PSNI last night. Expect a little visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan, what pieces of work were were they?

Dylan said...

they were starwars pics in the clone wars animation style. The guy had bought them from some bloke who said he'd got them from me at a signing I did at Milton Keynes a few years ago. i feel a bit sorry for him as he obviously doesn't know much about comics and sounds like he got ripped off by the bloke.