Monday, October 16, 2006


Here's a sketch I did a while ago trying to come up with an Idea for a Dredd strip. Basically about a "juve" who finds a Klegg egg and ends up keeping him as a pet, couldn't come up with a decent plot though. If you look closely at the bottom panel you can see the kid fishing, this would have been where he found the Klegg egg.


pj said...

You know, there's a lovely Duncan Fegrado lose-ness to that piece that you don't normally see in your work Dylan. Let's have some more!

- pj

Mark said...

Spot on with the Fegredo ref there, Paul - it's in the blocky brush strokes (well, I say brush, it coulda been done with a brush pen by the looks of it).

Anyhoo - "One Juve And His Klegg". I'd have loved it, anyway - the Kleggs have been a personal favourite since I started reading 2000AD "full-time" during the Judge Cal saga.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Klegg ? Wasn't he in 'Last of the Summer Wine' ? :)

Great work !!!

Dylan said...

glad you liked it, yeah was inked with a brush pen. Faber Castell pitt pen's great for about 5 mins then the tip goes and they're only good for filling in big areas of black.